From the tranquil desert, serene mountains and breathtaking beaches to the bustling souqs, ultra-modern   shopping malls and luxurious living, Dubai provides a timeless experience with a kaleidoscope of attractions to   visitors from around the globe.

  Now, fantasy meets reality in Dubai as it launches one of the biggest and best leisure, entertainment and tourism   centres in the world, Dubailand.

  Conveniently situated midway between the eastern and western worlds, Dubai is both a dynamic international   business centre and a relaxing escape for tourists. It is a city where the sophistication and glamour of the 21st   century live side-by-side with the simplicity and wisdom of Islamic tradition and Arabic culture. Its unique flavour   and personality contribute to Dubai's reputation as a city of dreams. Innovative, informative, exciting and fun,   Dubailand is an integral part of Dubai's strategic vision to become the tourism capital of the world.

  Spanning three billion square feet between Dubai International Airport and the newly proposed Jebel Ali Airport,   Dubailand will comprise 45 distinct projects consisting of six themed worlds, each meticulously planned to create   a varied tourist destination of epic proportions.

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